Clipboard+ Smartphone

This isn’t a smartphone stand; it’s a tool. Clipboard+ helps you to be more productive and organized while working with your smartphone. Unlike generic smartphone stands that flood today’s market, Clipboard+ stands apart from the crowd in a category of its own.

By attaching your phone to a clipboard you are essentially taking your desk with you wherever you go. Whether working in tight spaces, taking notes at a meeting, or on the go, Clipboard+ just makes life easier. Clipboard+ brings your work and your smartphone together, and it puts your digital life where you need it, when you need it.



Clipboard+ iPad

The iPad has allowed millions to break free from their desks, but doing so also presents a challenge to those who still need to carry papers with them on the go. Taking notes, sketching, and signing documents are all still best done on paper, and whether or not your office has gone “paperless” there’s always a time when it’s best to put pen to paper and let the ideas flow.



“After a lot of hard work, mistakes, and learning experiences along the way we were able to nail down the design and manufacturing processes for Clipboard+. I would like to thank everyone involved in making Clipboard+ a reality, especially our beloved Kickstarter backers!” -Kevin Merlini Founder

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