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Simple Logic Gates –Minecraft Computer (Part 3)

12 Jul

Welcome to step 3 of “How to Build a Computer in Minecraft” Our last post explained Binary Code and how this code can be created using Redstone. In this post we will display simple constructs built in Minecraft called Logic Gates. These gates are made of Redstone circuits and combined with any of the following:

Simple Logic

Here is a key for the following diagrams. In our next post we will get deeper into other types of Logic Gates and advanced uses, but for today, let’s stick to these simple logic gates. Once you can build all seven of these gates you are well on your way to understanding how to build and operate a Minecraft Computer.

Not Gate

Also known as an inverter, the NOT Gate is used when you want the opposite output from the input you give.

AND Gate

An AND Gate is used with two or more switches or inputs. The output is “ON” only when both inputs are “ON”


A NAND Gate is the opposite of an AND Gate and also has two inputs. The output is toggled to “OFF” only when both inputs are toggled to “ON”.

OR Gate

An OR Gate uses two or more inputs. Whenever the switch is toggled to “ON” the output is toggled to “ON”. The only time the output is “OFF” is when both inputs are “OFF”.

NOR Gate

A NOR Gate is the opposite of an OR Gate. Whenever at least one switch is toggled to “ON”, the output is toggled to “OFF”.

XOR Gate

An XOR Gate uses two inputs. In this gate, the output is toggled to “ON” when one switch is “ON” and one switch is “OFF”. If both switches are “ON” or “OFF” then the output is toggled to “OFF”.


An XNOR Gate is the opposite of an XOR Gate. It uses two inputs. When both inputs are either “ON” or “OFF” the output is toggled to “ON”. Otherwise, the output is toggled to “OFF”.

Here is a video version of the logic gates shown above. It is a straightforward look at Logic Gates with some very cool music! Thanks to the YouTube User Chaaozz for this simple video.

In our next post, we will continue to explore the many uses of Logic Gates in Minecraft, how to incorporate them into a computer, and share some of the cool stuff we have built. Stay tuned and make sure to check out Clipboard+ on Kickstarter! Only 5 Days left to Change the Way You Work.

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Binary Explained – Minecraft Computer (Part 2)

25 Jun

In yesterday’s post we introduced Minecraft and its usefulness in education. Our final picture, a computer was built by the Changing the Way You Work Team. In today’s post we want to discuss Binary and how to create Binary Code in Minecraft.

Binary is a numeric system that uses two numerals (base 2) to represent all real numbers.

Each digit in Binary is a power of two.

  • The number one in the decimal system is the same as the number one in the binary system
  • The number 23 by contrast is represented as 10111 (16+0+4+2+1)

The decimal system makes perfect sense for human beings to use. We have ten fingers and  ten toes, so when human beings began counting they used these readily available markers. Binary is also a fairly natural system as things either ‘are’ or ‘are not’. Many mystical traditions used binary before the existence of the decimal system. Binary is also the cornerstone of the most important invention to date, the computer.

Binary in Minecraft

Now that you have a basic understanding of the binary system, it is time to move on to Binary in Minecraft. The first step is to gain familiarity with a resource in Minecraft called Redstone Dust.


Redstone Dust is a crafting a brewing ingredient in Minecraft. It is created when Redstone Ore is destroyed using an iron pickaxe. Redstone can be placed on the grond to create Redstone Wire. It can also create a Redstone Torch or Redstone Repeater. Remember, you also have access to unlimited Restone Dust in Creative Mode.

Redstone Wire is going to be the staple of your Binary code. Lat down Redstone on three blocks to create a straight line.

  • This wire will always be either ON (1) or OFF (0).
  • To turn the wire permanently ON, attach a Redstone Torch.
  • To switch between ON and OFF, connect the wire to a Lever at one end and a torch at the other, like this:

Thank you for reading today’s post about Binary in Minecraft! Tomorrow we will discuss the different types of logic gates that can be created from the simple ON/OFF switch made out of a Redstone Torch, Redstone Wire and a Lever.

Minecraft in Education (Intro)

24 Jun
  • Survive in a massive sandbox world
  • Fend off enemies
  • Create anything
  • Collaborate with friends

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox PC game created by Marcus “Notch” Persson and his company, Mojang. Gameplay has two primary play modes.

  1. Creative – allows characters unlimited resources, unlimited health, and the ability to fly
  2. Survival – the player must collect resources, maintain their health and fight monsters

Minecraft is a wonderful game for video game veterans and new comers alike. Foregoing the usual goals and requirements for its players, Minecraft is more like a toy, not a game. Similar to Legos or Lincoln Logs, Minecraft is a fantastic toy that has the capacity to foster divergent thinking and imaginative reasoning. As of November 7, 2011, Minecraft had over 16 million registered users.

Why does Minecraft matter?

Minecraft, Notch and Mojang are extremely influential for a number of reasons. As a member of the Minecraft universe you will:

  • Foster creativity
  • Promote collaboration
  • Support the independent community
  • Challenge the traditional video game model
  • Have a lot of fun

How can it help me educate?

Here at Changing the Way You Work, we like to find creative ways improve current technology. As a K-12 teacher, it important to be aware of the latest and greatest. As we have already established, Minecraft is a popular game with the ability to educate. Many teachers, like Joel Levin, the Minecraft teacher, have already begun to adopt Minecraft in the classroom. Check his site for teachers, MinecraftEdu for more info on how to get Minecraft in your classroom.

Build Anything

Many Minecraft users have taken quite a bit of time to build some amazing structures. Below are just a few of the most fantastic structures built on Minecraft.

Even a Computer

As you can see, truly anything can be built in this fantastic game. If you don’t believe us, check out this computer built by the Changing the Way You Work Team.

Look forward to our next post which will explain Binary code and detail how you can create your own binary code in Minecraft!