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3 Apps Every Engineer Should Have

5 Jul

Professional Engineers and Engineering Students Alike Will Love These Apps

Steam Tables

Anyone who has ever taken a heat transfer, thermodynamics, or fluid mechanics class knows how time consuming it is to search through countless pages of appendices just to find one figure for an energy transfer problem.  Thanks to Steam Tables, an app by Carmel Software Corporation, the time-wasting nature of technical problem solving may soon become a thing of the past.

Steam Tables is a fantastic app that takes all of the information from steam tables and makes it easy to search and access.  Variables such as pressure, temperature, and saturation level are easy to change and the app will instantly find the correct table that matches any inputs. I can personally attest to steam’s reliability and have witnessed how much it can improve productivity.  Steam Tables is a definite must for all Engineering disciplines.

Check Out Steam Tables here!

Free Graphing Calculator

Engineer or not, most people have owned a graphing calculator.  If you’ve ever bought one, you know that they easily run over $100! Furthermore, they are big, bulky, and very droppable.  Enter the app : ‘Free Graphing Calculator’, by William Jockusch.

I know what you’re thinking ‘there’s no way an app could ever perform as well as the real thing.’ Nothing could be further from the truth!  Not only does this app save money and space, its also easier to use than any graphing calculator out there! Free Graphing Calculator is customizable and displays information on the large, easy to read screen of a phone or ipad. Not to mention, new updates will ensure that your calculator is never out of date!

Check out Free Graphing Calculator here!

iFactor Quadratics

For many students (myself included) math is kryptonite. No matter how high the level of math gets, trinomials are always present. Now, the app iFactor Quadratics, by iStuff, gives students a tool to combat these inescapable equations.

iFactor Quadratics can solve any solvable trinomial and gives students the confidence to conquer one of the more frustrating mathematical concepts.  It can save tons of time and stress…I wish this app had been available earlier!

Check out iFactor Quadratics here!