College Freshman Survival Guide (Part 3- Showing Up To Classes) – That Whole “Actually Going To Class” Part of College

28 Aug

Hey all, I know I have been MIA for awhile, sorry, insanity getting ready for my…wait for it…last semester of college! Ahhh. Real World, I am coming, get ready. Anyways, back to real topic at hand: going to those pesky classes at college, you are there to learn after all.

Even if you find out “attendance is not mandatory” you still need to show up, at least 95%. Professors will notice if you come to class, yes even in lecture, they will notice, especially if you introduce yourself in the beginning of the year. Professors can help you network, part of the reason you are at college is to find a job, and can even set you up with research they are doing if you are interested. Also, when you have a borderline grade, they are more likely to bump you up a letter. I am not going to lie to you, I have cut classes and chosen sections of a course by the professor whom I could cut a Friday class of. If you are going to pull a long weekend, don’t do it more than once, or the professor will catch on, I swear.  I am not your mom, but you should still go to your classes. If you are going to miss, you should email the professor ahead of time and ask what you will miss. When you email, make it believable, and sound sincere; even if you are lying, and they know it, if you never missed class before you can probably still get away with it.

Speaking of getting away with things, you will actually have to study and spend time doing homework. This is coming from someone who never spent time at home doing homework or studying for all of high school and graduated with a 95 average and in the top 15% of her class. I had the rudest awakening ever when I started freshman year. I don’t want you to face the same. You may be shocked at the little amount of time you spend in a classroom or lecture hall, but even more shocked at the amount of time you spend in your dorm or library studying or doing homework.  There is supposedly some rule that for every hour you spend in class you are supposed to spend like two hours doing work for it. I don’t believe there is a set ratio, but you will spend many hours outside of class on class work. For someone who is an epic procrastinator, me, this led to many Sundays locked in my room doing work until at least 2am freshman year. Then I wised up. In the first week of school, when you get all your syllabi mark up a calendar, whether it is google or a paper planner, just write the important things down so you don’t forget them.

I know you are enjoying this new sense of freedom, with no one telling you what to do, but I have to burst your bubble, sorry. Enjoy syllabus week, but then you need to start buckling down. College is for learning after all.

Have any other questions about classes? Feel free to comment and I will get back to you ASAP. Or follow me on Twitter at SamSepanak1 and I will answer you there, as well.

Fourth installment will be coming in the next month. Get Pumped Everyone!

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