Kickstarters with Practical New Apps (Day 4)

22 Jun

Just 3 days after the launch of our own Kickstarter crowd-funding project, Clipboard+ has already recieved shout-outs from popular blogs like App Advice and Business Insider In the spirit of mutual back-scratching and good karma, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few of our favorite peer projects, just a few of the innovative, practical ideas found on Kickstarter that we will soon see changing the way we work.

I’d also like to present my pick for the most entertaining (if slightly ambitious-the investment goal is upwards of $21,000,000) Kickstarter promotional video for a moon-bound recording artist whose mission is “to be the John Denver of Space Folk


Android tablet users will love this application which provides a personalized and easily customizable tablet experience. Chameleon lets tablet owners create beautiful displays and easily navigable home screens which adapt to your needs related to what’s important to you when, and where; A morning screen when you wake up, with widgets for news, scores from last night, daily reminders and today’s weather. An office home screen where your emails, industry updates, datebooks, spreadsheets and presentation applications are front and center when you walk into work (via GPS settings). An evening home screen with facebook and twitter updates, what’s new on Netflix, games and ebooks. These are just the listed examples and only a few of the ways in which Chameleon can personalize, enhance and simplify your tablet experience.


Created by Teknision Inc., a Canadian design company, this is Chameleon’s second fully-funded Kickstarter release, the first being cancelled due to payment complications, a result of team members not having American citizenship. With 12 days left of their 20-day funding, Chameleon has greatly surpassed its $30,000 goal, and a $5 investment is still the quickest way to recieve the app before it is released on the Google Play Store.

Pressure Sensitive Tablet Drawing Styli

For designers, dreamers, doers and doodlers, the advent of pressure-sensitive writing styli will be a welcome site, compared to the frustrations of original digital drawing tools where the drawing function was merely either on or off. At present, there are three similar models in different stages of funding and production. These are very innovative tools and are extemely useful for anyone trying to create, edit or share images on a tablet.

The jaja, whose kickstarter raised over $65,000, claims to be the world’s first pressure sensitive iPad stylus. Without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, this pen literally speaks to your device to capture the pressure of your pen strokes. Jaja emits high-frequency sound waves, too high for human ears, that communicate with your device’s microphone.

The jaja- an Australian import- like its peers, enhances drawing on tablets by enabling precise, pressure-sensitive penstrokes

Adonit’s Jot Touch, which uses bluetooth connections, works great with pressure-sensitive Apps, and for non-sensitive Apps, users can utilize its own pressure-sensing disk to get precise readings and perfect lines.

Another current Kickstarter stylus project, PressurePen, created in North Carolina by web developer Charles Mangin, is an inexpensive, battery operated device, designed to last through hundreds of hours of use. The way it works will remain a mystery for now, as the technology is currently being withheld due to licensing ambitions.

Further changing the way you work with an iPad is the Collusion App, a virtual whiteboard which combines a stylus with cloud capabilities to create a collaborative brain storming app to increase team productivity from anywhere with an internet connection. Created by the Collusion development team, this fully-funded Kickstarter project has already seen praise for its use in design team collaborations, inter-office meetings, and executives digitally co-signing documents in real time.
Collusion App: Real-time collaboration to increase productivity of meetings, designing, and note-taking.

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2 Responses to “Kickstarters with Practical New Apps (Day 4)”

  1. kmerlini June 22, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    great post Andy! I liked the intro a lot

  2. Patrick June 22, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    Great first blog post Andy!

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