3 Questions for Innovation

18 Jun

Today’s post is inspired completely by TED. This excellent knowledge center gives viewers a concise understanding about a wide variety of topics. The following three questions promoted innovative thinking for our team during the development of Clipboard+and we hope they, and their videos, can inspire you as well in your endeavors!

1) Is it Remarkable?

by Seth Godin

The first question for innovation is the subject of a TED talk from 2007, by Seth Godin on Standing Out. In this talk Seth asks, “Is it worth making a remark about?” and stresses how “it is not about interrupting people with a one page ad!” He also makes viewers aware of a Japanese term, otaku, which refers to people with obsessive interests, or as Godin refers to it, “the person who will drive across town to try a new noodle place.” Seth makes three main points that we would suggest writing down.

  • Design rules now
  • Safe is risky…be at the fringes
  • Very good is bad

2) Is it Simple?

by Rory Sutherland

Dubbed the advertising ‘guru’ on TED, Sutherland has been with the advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather for over 25 years. This simple talk is focuses on “disconnecting from what people actually want.” Instead, Rory describes how many people think, “big problems require big solutions, and this is a misconception!” Our favorite quote from Sweat the Small Stuff is “stuff that has a huge success/ effect, doesn’t cost a lot of money.”

3) Does it Make You Happy?

by Chip Conley

The final question is addressed by Chip Conley, founder of the Joie de Vivre Hotels. In it, he discusses Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and its implications for businesses. Conley says, “There are no metrics for transformation, success, and survival.” He believes this is problematic because, “Ninety-four percent of business leaders believe in intangibles and only 5% use a metric system.” To solve this measurement issue Conley points to countries like Bhutan who have a measurement of their Gross National Happiness. Gong into the future Conley reminds us, “Ten billion dollars for questions about tangible things, what about the intangibles?”


Hopefully this post got you thinking and innovating! If you have other questions you ask when innovating please let us know in the comments. If you have any suggestions about future posts or just want to chat give us some love on Twitter @clipboard_plus

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