Top 10 Productivity Blogs

10 Jun

Productivity blogs are a dime a dozen. With this over abundance of information,  it can be hard to find high quality content.


Productivity is a skill that can always be improved. Regardless of past experience or age, a person’s productivity can be dramatically enhanced through staying up to date with Changing the Way Your Work‘s Top 10 Productivity Blogs.

Why is productivity important? As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again.”Time is truly our most valuable resource; it only makes sense to practice a skill that in the long run, makes more time. Through increasing productivity we have the opportunity to multiply our impact on the world. Take advantage of these productivity tools and stop wasting time!

Top 10

Listed below is Changing the Way You Work’s round up of the top ten productivity blogs. Note: blogs are in no particular order.

1) GTD Times

GTD is maintained by David Allen and his crack team of productivity experts. If you have never heard of Getting Things Done (GTD), check out the Amazon book review of David Allen’s best seller, Getting Things Done.

2) Zen Habits

This beautiful site is run by Leo Babauta. It focuses on finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. With zero advertising and no copyrights, Zen Habits is one of the few blogs to focus on what is important; becoming more productive. Babauta takes the time to explain things clearly and unlocks the potential of tools like GTD. Check out Zen Habit’s list of Top 50 Productivity Blogs for more productivity resources.

3) Get Rich Slowly

Financial efficiency is directly related to an individual’s productivity. This personal finance blog  was created by J.D. Roth in an attempt to help the average person ditch debt. The lessons range from “Money is more about mind than it is about math.”  to “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” 

4) Life Hacker

Known as one of the premier personal productivity blogs, Life Hacker offers practical advice like, Top 10 Fixes for Life’s Daily Annoyances for the average person. One of the coolest things about Life Hacker is that they have a large depth of easy to understand technical tips. Some of our favorites include: Cut the Tedium from Your Life by Automating Everything this Weekend, Get Your Cables Under Control, and Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine.

5) Study Hacks

This fantastic blog by Cal Newport decodes the underlying patterns of successand provides a philosophy of simplicity: “do less but do what you do much better.”  While this blog holds tremendous value for everyone, it is particularly useful for students, with articles such as, The Danger of Deep Procrastination and How to Cure Deep Procrastination. 

6) 43 Folders

Merlin Mann‘s blog, 43 Folders, is about how to find the time and attention to do your best creative work. Currently, the blog is “focused on how to improve the quality of your career and life by managing your attention in a way that allows you to work your ass off on the creative projects that matter most.”  Getting Things Done (as mentioned earlier) is an awesome tool, but can be very intimidating, check out Mann’s post on Getting Started with “Getting Things Done” for some direction.

7) Work Awesome

A blog for people who love what they do and embody the statement, “Work Better, Live Better.” Work Awesome provides useful articles about starting things, completing things, and trying new things—and being “awesomely productive” when doing so. Some of our favorites include: 20 Awesome Office Designs, 5 Warning Signs that Tell You are Working too Hard, and Top 7 Things to Create More Freedom in Your Business.

8) Pick the Brain

This personal productivity website goes beyond the traditional productivity blog with topics like self-improvement and education. Considering the wide variety of content we would like to provide some excellent beginner Pick the Brain articles:  10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence, 5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Intelligence, and 6 Ways to Beat Procrastination.

9) Seth’s Blog

Short insights from the best selling author, public speaker, and famous blogger: Seth Godin. Seth is known for his pointed insight and often discusses productivity, marketing, the spread of ideas, and respect. Check out the video below for his TED talk titled, “This is Broken!” 

TED – Seth Godin: This is Broken!

10) Dumb Little Man 

This site is updated each week with a “handful of tips that will save you money, increase your productivity or simply keep you sane.”  Dumb Little Man has some excellent guest posts by Leo Babauta like 22 Secrets to Discovering Your Dream and Living It, and 20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches.

We Need Your Help!

There are far more productivity blogs than our Top 10. Please feel free to share your favorite productivity blogs or otherwise. If you have any ideas for other Top 10 series please comment and let us know or email us at

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